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                Enterprise story

                 Iocated in Foshan -Chinese ceramic base, SEED company was established  in 2002. It is one of Chinese largest art mosaic production enterprises with multiple sets of advanced production kiln, processing equipment and outstanding professionals. 

                In 2009, the company invested 120 million and built the production base of ceramic craftsmanship which plays a leading role in the current size of the industry in Jingdezhen-the  Porcelain Capital of the world.  It inherits cultural roots here and exquisite craftsmanship, and also herits various porcelain arts and humanistic feelings. 

                 In 2013, SEED entered the stone industry officially. It introduced rare ore stone and further enriched the production system of its art of building materials.It expands more diversified areas in artistic style products with ultimate technology and strong R&D capacities. 

                Regarding “maintaining quality for survival and pursuing innovation for development” as the principle, SEED introduces advanced technologies from Italian companies and combines them with the essence of Millennium porcelain culture of Jingdezhen. The company integrates with the world market in the development and production of products, forging ahead and striving to provide the best products and the most confederate services for customers . Every procedure, detail, texture, material,and pattern of products has undergone repeated scrutiny and modification until perfection. In order to meet customers’ needs, the company has taken unremitting efforts to improve the quality of products and better the enterprise management.