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                LOCATION:HOME > NEWS > Company news

                "Verona" said encounter loud artistic resonance collision

                Author:SEEDTime:2015/11/5 8:49:48


                For a period of 2015 days of 4 MARMOMACC Verona Italy International Stone Fair in October 3rd officially ended. As the world's top stone exhibition, the international top brands and all kinds of outstanding stone products gathered in order to large scale, ultra high level, the impact of a wide range of famous, is the world's trend in the field of stone.



                SEED as a leader in the art of building materials, carrying its three main products (handmade ceramic art, manual mosaic art, art stone products) appeared in the event. In front of a numerous international brands, show the special charm of Chinese art materials. SEED in this exhibition launched a series of new products, with unique artistic expressive force, has been endorsed unanimously by the exhibitors, make Sedco in overseas market expansion of cross a solid step.




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